No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Citizens for Liberty and Labor PAC, P.O. BOX 18845, Spokane, WA  99228.  Top 5 Contributors: Spokane Firefighters Union PAC, SEIU Union WA State Council PAC, UFCW 21 PAC, Fuse Votes, Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund. Top 3 Donors to PAC Contributors: SEIU, UFCW 21, Craig Mckibben.

Nadine is the wrong choice for Spokane.

Nadine's sprawl would harm small businesses...

and is a threat to our neighborhoods.

Nadine voted against public safety levy...

and supports racial profiling. We need a mayor for all of us!

"One former KXLY producer, Anna Izenman, described regularly becoming nauseous as all the 'stress and anger' that she felt working with Woodward pooled into the bottom of her stomach. Another, Camille Troxel, tweeted earlier this year that the environment Woodward created was so hostile that she 'threw up before going to work almost every day.'


And just last month, Woodward's former campaign manager, Abra Belke, claimed that working for Woodward triggered both 'hourly nightmares' and a 'churning ulcer.'"

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