No candidate authorized this ad. It is paid for by Citizens for Liberty and Labor PAC, P.O. BOX 18845, Spokane, WA  99228.  Top 5 Contributors: Spokane Firefighters Union PAC, SEIU Union WA State Council PAC, UFCW 21 PAC, Fuse Votes, Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund. Top 3 Donors to PAC Contributors: SEIU, UFCW 21, Craig Mckibben.

As of 10/31/19 an alarming $770,899.43 has been dumped into efforts to elect Cindy Wendle as Council President and Nadine Woodward as Mayor of Spokane

Developers know Woodward and Wendle will spend our tax dollars to develop outside the city limits, bringing Seattle's traffic and sprawl to Spokane. We can't afford a mayor and council president who will put developers first and ignore us.

Don't Let Them Buy Our Next Mayor & Council President! 


Nadine Woodward has already suggested spending our tax dollars on development outside the city limits if she becomes Mayor

That means more Seattle style sprawl and traffic to Spokane at OUR expense.

When asked what her Spokane solutions were she said: “I have no solutions to propose right now, because they're not mine…”

Now we know whose "Solutions" Nadine will be pushing if elected. We can’t afford a mayor who will put developers first and ignore us. DON'T LET DEVELOPERS BUY OUR NEXT MAYOR.

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